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Not only was I surprised to discover this cool lifesaver, I was much more surprised to find that it has it's own association: The International Virtual Assistants Association ( The IVAA site is a terrific location to discover what will most certainly be an important resource for you: Your own Virtual Assistant. Below are the leading 7 factors to employ a VA:  
1. They are all organization. Your Virtual Assistant will support your needs, not the other method around. Because they bill their hours for the work they accomplish - some in increments as small as five minutes - you are not spending for individual call, late arrivals, childcare crises, or sick time. If you detest the forced socialization of a corporate work environment, or listening to the humdrum minutiae of your co-worker's life story, a virtual staff solves that issue.  
Your working relationship is based upon a contractual contract whereby you mention in no uncertain terms what you anticipate. If you want a web designer who uses Dreamweaver rather of hand-coding HTML, then you define that. Or, you can totally delay to your Virtual Assistant's knowledge and focus your energy elsewhere.  
Your Virtual Assistant is in the entrepreneurial boat, too. They work at home, market their services, possibility for customers, and offer a service simply like you do. It's an excellent method to include to your network base, as they might have found ways to solve issues you never even thought of.  
4. Cost savings. You can hire a VA from anywhere on Earth. it tech support's as competitive an industry as any other, and you can anticipate a wide variety of charges for different services offered. If you like the fees for web design, but believe a specific service is too costly for file editing or proofreading, you can hire multiple VA's to do different jobs to keep your own expenses low. You are not under any commitment whatsoever, other than, of course, to pay your expense.  
Pride in their work. If you are working with a VA for jobs such as web design, you can easily preview their work.  
Virtual flexibility. You can utilize a virtual assistant for either ongoing work or on a per-project basis.  
If you have a house workplace, employing workers to work on-site could be invasive. If you have kids at house, or a partner who works odd hours, or you simply do not care to open up your private area to others, a virtual assistant is perfect.  
When you employ your Virtual Assistant, make certain to ask to provide a detailed list of the types of services for which you will be billed. Some VA's will charge to accept your call, read your e-mail guidelines, or the time it requires to download a file. There need to be no surprises if you have excellent interaction with your VA. Keep in mind, you can not see your prospective VA to examine their reliability, nor they you. Think about a number of exploratory conversations prior to signing on the dotted line. This will make sure that you and your Virtual Assistant will have a productive partnership.  
Copyright 2005 by Laura Legendary All rights scheduled.  
The term virtual assistant has only been around for a few years. Some have an idea of what it means, however might not completely comprehend the distinctions between an administrative and a virtual assistant. I invested almost thirty years going down the administrative profession course, and am now a professional virtual assistant.  
Any great manager knows much better than to undervalue the worth of a good admin assistant. Their skills and tough work are what help a company to be successful.  
Below is a list of a few of the benefits of working with an administrative assistant: · On-site presence; able to welcome visitors/customers; · Keep up with daily activities within the office; · Most are proficient in word processing, spreadsheet applications, etc; · Convenience of attending conferences to take minutes.  
A few of the disadvantages might include: · The expense of employing a staff member is normally 2 to two and a half times their income; · They take time off, typically without previous notification or permission; · They earn money for a particular amount of ineffective time on the job; · They require to be handled.  
Now, let's check out a few of the benefits and downsides of employing a virtual assistant. A few of the benefits consist of: · Expertise in all of the same things as an admin assistant; · Many have actually specialized training in things such as: internet marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, competitive analysis, email marketing, set up shopping cart, set up auto responders, and so on; · Most deal with an agreement basis; you just spend for time on task; · Most are entrepreneur's themselves and work with you as an organization partner rather than work for you as a worker.  
A few of the disadvantages may be: · Lack of physical presence in the office; · Charge a greater hourly rate than you would usually pay a worker.  
Just as you might talk to numerous prospects for an administrative assistant position to ensure you get the most qualified individual to meet your requirements; you likewise need to interview virtual assistants to evaluate their level of knowledge in the locations you require help with. It might be that you require both; an administrative assistant to work in the office either full or part time, and a virtual assistant to work on projects that need specialized training and competence.  
I hope you have discovered this to be useful in identifying and selecting between an administrative and a virtual assistant. Which ever one (or, maybe both) you choose will be of the most benefit to you, I wish you success in your organization.  
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Rivonia, 2128  
South Africa  
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